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Rivervision 2020: A Charles River Basin Master Plan

Charles River Basin, Boston, Massachusetts
Rivervision 2020: A Charles River Basin Master Plan. Originated under the auspices of the Boston Society of Architects 'Boston Visions Program,' Rivervision 2020 is a comprehensive long-range plan for the Charles River Basin and its immediate surroundings. The goal of the plan is to offer a physical design vision as contribution to the ongoing debate about the future of Boston, and also disseminate the design throughout the Boston community to help shape public policy and planning. Rivervision 2020 has a specific and pragmatic basis that addresses Boston's needs for the 21st century. The plan outlines multiple planning issues, from neighborhood reclamation (Allston Landing) to riverfront accessibility and recreation, circumferential transit plan, and Massachusetts Turnpike air-rights development, among others. The merit of this plan is that in a time of shifting emphasis toward, and government funding of, mass transit systems, these elements can be leveraged financially and architecturally to achieve a comprehensive urban design goal.
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