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Nilsson Residence

Marblehead, Massachusetts
Located on a 3/4 acre site in Marblehead, Mass., this project is a 2500sf single-family residence built on a south facing slope to which a 1750sf accessory office and garage structure is added. The residential program required space for a living room, dining room, kitchen, kitchen nook, music room, three bedrooms, recreation room, and 2-1/2 baths. The office program required a principal's office, drafting room, library/conference room, and shop/storage space. Originally an active solar heating system in the residence provided space heating and domestic hot water. In 2006, the hot-air solar panels were removed and 4 Kw photovoltaic panels were installed with a low-temperature heat pump providing space heating and cooling. A wood-burning stove/F.P. provides additional convection heat by means of 175 CFM circulating fan provides backup, if needed. The office is heated by off-peak electric storage heaters. The floor plan is staggered half-level front to back to follow slope of hill. A central 6' wide support function core (reading nook, solar ductwork chases, stairs, bathrooms, and breakfast nook) is flanked with clear span areas on either side. A vertical design concept is common in this densely populated seaside community for purposes of minimizing building footprint, preserving locust and hickory trees, and providing enhanced views from upper levels (Salem Harbor and Boston skyline). Round deck at corner of living room enlarges an otherwise compact floor plan.

CLIENT: Nilsson Family
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