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N+SA Firm Profile

Nilsson + Siden Associates, Inc. (N+SA) is a multidisciplinary architectural firm located in Salem, Massachusetts. Founded in 1981, N+SA provides LEED-certified, environmentally-conscious architectural/planning services for commercial, institutional, medical, and municipal projects. Sample project types include university athletic, classroom and housing facilities, hospital facilities and master planning, medical offices, laboratories, branch banks, museum renovations and urban planning. We pride ourselves on the quality of service and attention to detail every project receives.

Our clients recognize our commitment to excellence and our award winning projects confirm the value of our dedication to the pursuit of such excellence. We provide technical, design, and management support normally found in a larger office. The quality of our work also shows in the number of long-term clients we enjoy with over 70% of our workload coming to us either by referral or repeat business. This means satisfied customers who enjoy the benefits of a responsive and experienced architectural firm.






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